The battery is the heart of your vehicle's electronic system. If the battery in your vehicle is underperforming, your vehicle may also be underperforming!

Car Batteries

Most people have experienced turning the key in the ignition only to find the car cough a few times and then nothing. This can be due to many issues but one of the most common is a flat battery. From the battery being too old, to leaving your lights on all night, it’s one of those annoying parts of life when you are a car owner.

The life span of an average car battery is between 3 to 5 years, depending on usage and the quality of the battery. Keeping a car going on an old battery can place strain on other parts of the car, including the starter motor and charging system. 

Some other symptoms that your car battery needs changing include the engine warning lights keep coming on, the battery fluid level is running low (you can see this around the casing of most batteries), or the battery is leaking. This can be identified by a bad smell around the battery or corrosion.

We think it is best to fit the highest quality car battery that your budget will stretch to,  getting the ultimate performance from your car over the longest period possible.

At The Car Doctor, we have a wide range of batteries for all budgets and vehicles. Changing the battery is quick and easy to do so if you need a new battery, don’t hesitate, call us on 07957 932562 today!