Your exhaust emissions system is the way in which your vehicle channels noxious fumes and environmentally harmful gases, such as carbon monoxide, away from the front of the vehicle. Maintaining a healthy exhaust system is extremely important, as a failing or inefficient exhaust system can lead to fumes being drawn inside your vehicle which can make you drowsy and put you and your passengers in danger. 


Here at The Car Doctor, we stock a wide range of exhausts and catalytic converters to fit most makes and models of cars and light commercial vehicles, at competitive prices, so when your exhaust fails, we can help you. 

If your vehicle is producing excessive amounts of noxious fumes, or if the exhaust system is broken or corroded, it is likely that it will fail its MOT test. 

At The Car Doctor, we can examine your vehicle, diagnose the fault and suggest the most cost effective solution for you. A well-maintained exhaust system assists in improving engine performance and engine noise reduction, and can help you to achieve optimum fuel efficiency. 


So, If you notice any of the following, it is important that you have your vehicle checked:

 Unfamiliar noises such as rattling, hissing or loud roaring coming from your exhaust 
 Corrosion (rust), cracks and visible holes on the pipes 
 A low hanging or dragging pipe 


If you have any concerns regarding the health of your vehicles exhaust or catalytic converter then call The Car Doctor today on 07957 932562 to book an exhaust inspection.

Second Hand Tyres in Colchester

At The Car Doctor, we carry a huge stock of quality part worn tyres, for most small cars and commercial vehicles. All our tyres have been water and pressure tested, and we will fit and balance them for you free of charge.

Warehouse Prices on Selected New Tyres

At The Car Doctor we can advise you on the best tyres for your particular driving requirements, at the most cost-effective price, to suit your budget. We will always fit and balance your tyres to maximise the tyre life, free of charge.